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Taxman to public: Fuck you twice over

Bastard responsible for letting vodafone avoid £6bil in tax the same one who screwed up everyone elses taxes then told us to swivel.

One thing that's emerging from the Vodafone Affair is that the tax official who let the beleagured phone company get away with 6bn in unpaid taxes, Dave Hartnett, is the very same man who messed up the personal taxes of the little people earlier this year leaving thousands facing crippling debts, then refused to apologise.

BTW, corruption, anyone?
The agreement between HMRC and Vodafone came after negotiations-between revenue officersand John Connors, Vodafone's head of tax. Until 2007, Mr Connors was a senior official at HMRC, where he worked closely with Mr Hartnett.

Ah, well. It's only the rule of law. Don't let a little thing like that get in the way of big profits at public expense. On with the post!
Officials were further emboldened last year when the court of appeal ruled that British laws striking out the avoidance scheme could conform with European laws. But they reckoned without HM Revenue & Customs’ (HMRC) “permanent secretary for tax”, Dave Hartnett, and his customer-friendly approach to big multinationals.

Mr Hartnett, the permanent secretary for tax at HM Revenue & Customs, was widely condemned over the weekend for his initial refusal to apologise for sending out demands to more than a million consumers that they need to pay extra tax.

"I'm not sure a need to apologise," he said in a Radio 4 interview on Saturday. "We didn't get it wrong."

Turns out Mr. Hartnett is a real regular guy, because he's also helped a prominent member of the Con-Dem government, unelected cuts supremo Sir Philip Green, with his own tax scamola.

from the aforementioned Eye article:

PS: The Tories have further cause to thank Mr Hartnett. As Eye 1136 revealed five years ago, government cuts adviser Philip Green had personal discussions with Hartnett over his tax affairs while legal battles raged over schemes for husbands and wives to share their income for tax purposes. Dividends from Green’s businesses continue to be paid to trusts controlled by his Monaco-resident wife Tina, undisturbed by the taxman.

"Personal discussions" huh? I wonder how libellous it would be to call Hartnett a corrupt fuck who has sold us out so he can hob-nob with scrounging, rich scumbags like Green and co?

Some more interesting commentary here

In any decent society men like Hartnett and Connors, who ensure the barons pay sod all tax while thrashing everyone else to within an inch of our lives, would be put up against a wall and shot.The Chinese appear to have got that one right.

However, we do things differently here. This isn't some underdeveloped emerging economy where the government shoot people willy nilly - well, not public officals and rich people, anyway.

No, we're a proper first-world economy with a fully developed culture of corruption and graft, a world leader where billionaire businessmen get to steal from the mouths of the poor and mega-corporations pay fuck all contribution while everyone else gets hammered, so I see a top position in the City in this man's future.

Meanwhile, you can sign the petition to make Vodafone pay us what they owe us here. Oh, and you might want to pop in to your local Vodafone on Saturday.

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