badnewswade (badnewswade) wrote in recession_uk,

This is why we're fucked.

The Wall Street Journal on why the campaign for a living wage is "preposterous" and "nonsense":

Apparently, it's because "workers do not die if paid less than £7.60 an hour". Furthermore, it's akin to theft and "ethnic demagoguery". Apparently, due to unemployment benefits, "the living wage in Britain is zero".

In case you were wondering, this is why we're fucked. The guy running the campaign, Labour leadership candidate Ed Miliband has been subject to mounds of abuse from the press because, accoring to sleazeball Labour grandee Peter Mandelson, he "offers nothing to people worried about immigrants, housing and welfare scroungers" (i.e, greedy bigots on the make).

We live in a world run by scum like this, an upside-down planet where a decent man can be vilified for his very decency. A world where attacking the weak and vulnerable is seen as "tough" and "offering something" to "middle England", and generosity and kindness are seen as evil, dangerous "demagogy" to be purged forever, indeed, "theft" and "looting", all the Randian codewords are out now.

I predict that someone like Ed will never be PM, or that if he is, he will be subject to Clintonian levels of abuse and lawfare. And the suckers will lap it up.
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