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A glimpse of the sort of world we'll have after all this is over

This is so cool it makes me want to cum in my pants:

Can Saharan Solar Power Save Europe?

Solar Industry: The Stage Is Set For A Global Recovery

IMHO this is why we in the UK need to cling to Europe like a dying man... Anglo-Americans will never dominate the world again, our time in the sun is over and our economies and political systems are collapsing, but thanks to fab geography WE, unlike the USians, are on the coast of Europe, which along with China and India is on track to be the Next Big Thing. As long as those guys let us play we'll have prefential access to one of the few markets that has any demand in it at all, and not as competitors but in co-operation. Something worth remembering in a country where so many people are long term unemployed that they don't even bother counting 'em any more.

As for the DESERTEC project itsself, the one small snag is that it requires us to work with the Middle East. That said the North African countries are a lot less mad and more stable, they need us more than we need them. If the worst comes to the worst we can always relocate the solar farms to the very similar desert that's springing up in Spain. Thanx climate change!
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