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recession_uk's Journal

UK Recession: Hints, tips, tricks and news.
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An advice and news community dedicated to the recession with a particular United Kingdom slant.

recession_uk was inspired by the_recession, and seeks to complement it's US-centric bias with stuff for residents of the UK; it's for people to share war stories and help each other with housing and debt advice, help signing on, free food and practical stuff like that in addition to news reportage.

It's hopefully slightly biased toward the more practical end of the spectrum, as news and analysis can always be shunted over to the internationale of the_recession; maybe think of it as a place for things that would be totally irrelevent to anyone outside the UK? I don't want to be provincial or compete with anyone else, anyway.

The only rule I want to lay down in stone from the outset: This is NOT for people with a party-political axe to grind. In particular, members of either the SWP/Respect or the BNP will be automatically and permanently banned from this site. To put it simply: Trots and Fascists, stay away.

Anyway - please join up, and do get in touch if you want to help mod the comm. I don't want this to be my personal property, if you live in the UK and you're worried about the recession then it's your community too.