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And the frigging banks are at it again...........

Well the papers claim that the reccession is over (Well hinting at it) lying MoFo's, so in a bid to make sure Nationwide Customers are Screwed down to that lender for the next 25-30 years, Nationwide offers existing customers in Neg equity a 125% mortgage, I can only assume some people will never learn.

We are still paying 50-75% over the odds on our homes in blighty, and this bunch of greedy clowns wants us to pay more. The country is lost, our relationship with lenders is already strained, I can only assume Nationwide is looking at promoting it's Estate agency division in 3 years time when these fools all get into strife again.

Then again, My suggestion would be for the bank to open a lettings division for such cases, as when all these homes are repo'd, the Rental price is often 2.5-3 times the Mortgage payments, and considering those who have "owned" their own home in the past tend to be less destructive than your average tenant........
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